Sunday, December 18, 2016

ten christmas trees.

the parentals went to visit alyssa and her family in connecticut because abby was going to be in her first primary program.  naturally for us, that meant set up christmas.  and not entirely sure how it happened, but somewhere in between deciding who wanted what tree to put up we just decided that we might as well put them all up. yay!  we set up and then moved the trees all around the house at least seven million times! and we have one that is as tall as the ceiling.. so that was heavy, and not fun to move around.  but as kendon says, "i'm impulsive, i've thought this through" but that means i really have not thought this through.. so let's just move the heaviest and tallest tree AGAIN for the millionth time. but it was so fun. christmas music blasting and setting up holiday cheer are some of my favorite things.  then naturally we had to have a photoshoot! best. night. evaaaa. 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

utah weekend: target/rock climbing/cousin campout edition.

becca and her husband tyler kidnapped me for a weekend in utah.  tyler's best friend was getting married and so we made it a whole big event.  and besides, who else was becca supposed to play with while tyler was off doing all the bachelor parties and such the night before. 

started off the weekend dropping tyler off at the bachelor party and snuck away to target.  target never disappoints.  and i hadn't seem becca for way too long.. so both of my two favorites in one night was the best. 

the next day we went rock climbing.  i think tyler is determined to turn us into more adventurous/outdoorsy people..... 

got peach rings. obviously. because they are my favorite. and if we were going to die doing this, then we might as well die happy. 

^^go becca!

taking nervous selfies.. cause we were still freaking out that we actually were rock climbing for reals. 

then that night while they had the wedding i met up with my cousins. meet jake the great. 

jake and i driving to pick up the other cousins to head to the bonfire. 

smores with aleah!

and snuggles with jess and aleah. cause it was so cold. 

that night i stayed with jess at her house.  aleah came too. they are the cutest.  then the next day i went to church with them and then jess took me back to meet up with becca and tyler later that afternoon.  it was the best little weekend get away.  and drives with becca and tyler are hilarious we. everyone needs best friends like them.  

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

syd's homecoming dance

first date! first date! first date! obviously had to be there to document the first date. cause, welcome to the harrison family.

does anyone really know how to put on the boutonniere until you're a mother?

and then syd was also in homecoming royalty!

she's the cutest. wait till you see what dress she's going to wear at her upcoming masquerade ball.

preston. preston. preston.

lake, betty and i.

nothing really beats bubblegum ice cream and tater tots from big j's with reg.

becca and tyler stopped through preston! best day ever.

one of the first things that bonded becca and i was the fact that i'm from where napoleon dynamite was filmed and her love for the movie.  so naturally i showed her around all the napoleon highlights.

and then hiked little mountain.

random SLC trip with alyssa to see our friend jake sing!

now back in preston answering syd's homecoming date.

and stargazing with brooke.

"you are like a broozah to me"

and raspberry picking all day everyday.

Monday, November 28, 2016

what you've missed from rexburg visits over the past bit.

brooke bear made it to college! and i visited her, some of my old roomies, luis and a few other friends a few times! so here are some random tid bits from the past couple of months from all the rexburg adventures.

visiting luis at his apartment. he always has the funniest stories. one of these day's he'll get a whole blog post from all of his funny quotes that he says.

got karie anne's with brooke, kayla and becca.

bonfires with brooke bear and some friends.

the sunday sibling selfie struggle is real...

general conference with megsie! and cinnamon rolls. obviously. because we probably make those every time we are together.

then trips to idaho falls for target.

idaho is so pretty from an airplane.

making lauren's wedding announcement!!

more karies, naturally.

printmaking lab with jenika and leigh-ann.

sodavine with becca. two of my favorite things.

waiting at SAMs for becca's car to get fixed.. and we did all of our shopping too fast so to kill extra time we just tested all the couches. people were giving us the weirdest looks! but we were comfy..

seven mile walks with megs.. okay maybe only like two..?

sneaky prank nights out with my favorite girls ever.

kayla's birthday!! best night ever.

favorite mountain spot in rexburg.

mill hollow with brooke bear. she was covering my ears up because who knows why?? haha. she's hilarious.

and that's a wrap of most of the rexburg visits! all my favorite people needed to leave rexburg when i did. i miss them all way too much.